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I don’t know when my contract is due for renewal.2018-01-03T10:48:25+00:00

We recommend you contact your supplier and ask them when your contract expires, and how much notice you need to give.

My current supplier has objected to the transfer, what should I do?2017-10-06T09:48:57+01:00

You should contact your current supplier asking them to confirm the reason for their objection. This will be due to either:

  • An outstanding debt, in which case this needs to be cleared before the transfer can take place, or
  • A contract is still in place, in which case please notify us immediately so we may assist you to transfer the services or cancel the supply agreement you have signed via us.
I sent the signed agreement back to you but haven’t heard anything, why?2017-10-06T09:47:58+01:00

We will confirm all contract submissions received. If you haven’t received this confirmation, we have not received your agreement. In all cases we recommend you to scan and email the signed agreement to to ensure delivery.

I don’t know my annual consumption of gas or electricity, how do I find out?2017-10-06T09:47:08+01:00

You can either contact your current supplier, or you can estimate your consumption by calculating this from the consumption shown on your last invoice.

Why can’t I just click to accept your prices rather than signing an agreement?2017-10-06T09:46:31+01:00

Energy suppliers require a signature for us to secure commercial energy prices. They don’t currently accept ‘click’ confirmations.

I have more than one business site, can you help?2018-07-02T09:46:21+01:00

Yes – you can either request a quote for each site individually on our website or alternatively call us on 0330 123 1336 to find out if you can save even more.

I need a quote for gas and electricity together, can this be done?2017-10-06T09:44:34+01:00

No, suppliers quote for commercial electricity and gas and these are supplied under separately agreements.

What is the difference between commercial energy prices and domestic energy prices?2017-10-06T09:44:42+01:00

Commercial energy is normally secured with fixed price and term. However domestic energy is normally provided on a 28 day rolling tariff, meaning prices can rise or fall at any time.

I’ve received my renewal offer from my current supplier, what should I do?2017-11-27T11:05:21+00:00

Check the prices available from us and compare them to your renewal offer. 99% of the time, our prices will be more competitive than your renewal offer – ensure you write to your supplier rejecting the offer.

Aren’t energy suppliers just all the same?2017-10-06T09:45:03+01:00

Energy suppliers prices vary greatly from one week to the next. It’s always best to come back and compare your energy prices when your agreement is due for renewal.

The prices have changed since I received my quote, why?2018-12-12T14:53:25+00:00

Commercial energy prices change on a regular basis. We’d recommend signing your energy agreement as soon as possible after receiving the quote to ensure that it has been accepted.

Where can I find the information you require to provide a quote?2017-10-06T09:45:17+01:00

All of the information required to generate a quote can be found on your energy bill or by contacting your energy supplier. We are happy to assist you over the phone if needed, simply call us on 0330 123 1336.

Are you tied to any particular suppliers?2017-10-06T09:45:28+01:00

We are independent and are not biased to place any business with any particular suppliers. You’ll be given fair quotes from all available suppliers.

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